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Hi! Today my post is to describe the last book I read last month: Managing for Happiness (Jurgen Appelo). An amazing book that offers a set of practices for more effective management and makes the workplace a pleasant place to motivate the employees achieve better performance.

Based on Management 3.0 practices, the book also provides tools and games that put joy into work and contribute on these factors:

  • Align Constraints
  • Empower Teams
  • Develop Competence
  • Grow Structure
  • Energize People
  • Improve Everything


Here are some interesting parts that can contribute to you change your workplace and make it a happiness and healthy place.

Kudo box and kudo cards

  • It’s a good way to motivate your employees with better rewards. You can use Kudo Cards to improve the collaborative sense in your team, writing a compliment and rewarding for a job. Positive leadership is present here.


Delegation boards and delegation poker

  • An excellent technique because you can empower the workers with clear boundaries, self-organize, balancing authority and considering the seven levels of delegation.
  1. Tell: You make a decision for others and explain your motivation.
  2. Sell: You make a decision for others but try to convince them that you made the right choice, helping them to feel involved.
  3. Consult: You ask for input first, before making a decision.
  4. Agree: Involve everyone to reach consensus about the decision.
  5. Advise: You offer others your opinion and decide about listen or not.
  6. Inquire: You leave the others to decide and convince you of their decision.
  7. Delegate: You simple leave the decision to them and you don’t even want to know about details.


Feedback wraps and unlimited vacation

  • Yes, Feedback Wrap leads to positive and self-motivated action. It’s different comparing with Compliment Sandwich Annual and Annual/Quarterly performance appraisals that are rather useless. See important rules of feedback:
    • Describe your context.
    • List your observations.
    • Express your emotions.
    • Sort by value.
    • End with suggestions.
    • Keep it written.

Metrics ecosystem and scoreboard index

  • There are 12 rules that helps you to measure performance in the Right Way:



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